PurePort was thought up by a couple, designed by engineers, and patented in the USA.

It's a one-of-a-kind product for a reason.

The family who invented PurePort multi-tool.

The Swinnerton Family Discovered The Problem

PurePort was founded when wife-and-husband team, Kate & Josh Swinnterton, got tired of repeatedly cleaning the ports on their iPhones and their young kid's iPads.

Using a digital microscope, they looked inside 100s of Lightning ports, and were shocked by the amount of hair, lint, dust, stains and other debris found, even when the devices looked clean on the outside.  So the development of PurePort began.

Text: Intermittent Connectivity, Unreliable charging, no matter how much you wiggle the cable! Unexpected Warnings, Even with. legitimate Apple cables & accessories, a person shown concern over their iPhone, the need for a PurePort multi-tool.

Surprise! 50% of Other Device Owners Had The Same Problem

After trying many home remedies, and seriously damaging an iPhone with a paperclip (!) they went searching for a product to clean Lightning ports properly – but found nothing adequate.

Researching the problem, they were surprised how many other Apple users also had regular problems with unreliable Lightning port connections – over half of those surveyed complained of similar issues!

From drawings to prototypes and samples PurePort is born image showing that cycle.

A Global Effort Began

PurePort was an Autralian company, the Swinnertons lived in Massachusetts USA and their manufacturing partners were based in Australia, Hong Kong and China - a truly global effort!

The wider PurePort team includes expert product designers and manufacturing engineeers - all passionate about keeping iPhones and iPads clean and working without annoying connection issues.

Sorfeo Continues The Legacy

One day the Swinnerton's realized they couldn't get this amazing product into the hands of everyone who needs one around the globe without help. So they talked to Sorfeo Inc, shook hands, and now Sorfeo is the small-team company based in the USA bringing this incredible, patent-pending product to more marketplaces.

Here at Sorfeo, we are excited to help more people rescue their devices from frustration and their wallets from replacing expensive tech. After all, we use PurePorts to clean our devices too.

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