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The Original Multi-Tools For Cleaning & Maintaining Your Mobile Devices

  • Solve Intermittent Connections Issues

    No more wiggling to get your phone to charge. No more propping it up on things. No more waking up at night while your device intermittently buzzes. PurePort saves the day - and night.

  • Get Reliable Charging Every Time

    Never run out the door again with a phone you thought was charged only to find out it wasn't. Stay safe and stay secure with a device that actually charged because of PurePort.

  • Save Your Hard-Earned Money

    How much does a new phone cost? A lot. Thousands of people thought their mobile device or cable was broken, only to find out PurePort fixed the issue.

  • US Patent-Pending Design

    This is not a generic product. We put in the long hours to ensure that your expensive devices would be cleaned and restored safely. PurePort tools won't damage your devices.

We are proud to present our new PurePort USB-C

The PurePort USB-C multi-tool works with ALL USB-C ports and cables.

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Meet The New PurePort USB-C!

What Our Customers Are Saying...

PurePort multi-tool shown on a white microfiber cloth.
PurePort multi-tool open box showing white microfiber cloth and PurPort cleaning solution.
Lint on a white background showing what PurePort multi-tool removed from a Lightening port.
PurePort multi-tool on a wooden table showing tools 1 and 2 and showing how much lint the brush removed from a Lightning port.
PurePort multi-tool showing being taken out of the the box which also has PurePort cleaning solution in it.

Must have tool for iPhone owners

This tool is amazing, the attached picture is step one with tool 1, the dirt you see is only a fraction of what this tool was able to get out of the charging port. We have tried all sorts of tools in the past and continued to having charging issues. 1 go with this tool and it connected first time to the charger!

Becks, Dec 30, 2020

Best cleaning device for your charging port

This thing is amazing in just a couple minutes my phone went from not accepting any cables to charge to accepting every cable in my house and acting like the charging port was brand new.

James SD, Jan 12, 2021

You'll be amazed at the lint in your port

I have been very frustrated because my phone wouldn’t charge unless I held the cable in awkward positions so it would make the connection. I thought there was something wrong with my phone. My niece told me to try this kit. I was amazed with the amount of lint that came out of the port. I highly recommend this.

L. Evans, Jun 6, 2022


Honestly, I don’t do reviews for products but I had to for this one. I’m always skeptical about buying products that sound or look too good to be true. But this product works and it’s simple to use!

I’ve been having problems with my phone charging and I have to wiggle it in or have it sitting at a certain angle. I thought it was my cord so I was gonna buy another but I realized that it worked fine on my AirPods so I knew it wasn’t the cable. I looked up what a problem might be and this product popped up. Used it immediately when I got home and *chefs kiss* my phone doesn’t need to be angled anymore.

Aguedo Ramirez, June 7, 2022

Best product ever

Absolutely superb product!! I’m really thrifty and need to keep my phone in tip top shape. Purport helps me do that. I’ve been using this since the Kickstarter campaign sent out the first run. I’ve saved tons in extra chargers and trips to the store. A must have!!

Amazon Customer, Nov 5, 2020

See PurePort in Action


Lightning port shown with dirt and debris from before use of PurePort multi-tool.


Lightning port shown clean after dirt and debris is gone from use of PurePort multi-tool.


Close up of a Lightning cable pins, oxidized and needing cleaning by a PurePort multi-tool.


Close up of Lightning cable pins shown clean after using PurPort multi-tool.