Introducing the NEW PurePort USB-C + AirSquares Cleaning Putty

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Meet The New PurePort USB-C!

PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty

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Available in white and black

Unwrap the Power of Fixing Your Charging Problems! PurePort Saves The Holiday Season (And The Phones!)


    • Designed in Australia. Proudly based in the USA - Don't use a needle or pushpin to clean your smartphone charging port, you'll ruin it! Use PurePort, the only US patent-pending phone cleaning kit!
    • Ditch the charging drama! If your phone, tablet, or laptop are acting up and not charging as they should, it is time to give their charging port and cables a good clean.

    • Everything you need to clean your tech devices - Use tools 1 and 2 to clean and remove gunk from the charging port. Then use tools 3-5 with the PurePort Cleaning Solution to make your charging port and cables charge like new. Brush away lint, dust, and fluff with tool 6. Clean your device with the microfiber cloth.

    • When was the last time you checked your AirPods? You might not have noticed the nasty stuff that can gather inside them over time. But no worries, we've got something cool for you! Meet AirSquares – it's like magic putty that cleans away ear wax, gunk, and dirt from your earbuds without any poking or prodding. It makes your AirPods sound better, look better, and stay awesome.
    • “This thing saved my phone!” PurePort safely cleans your dirty charging ports and blackened cables so you can finally charge your devices without any problems. 

    • Named a top innovative product of 2022 by USA Today - PurePort has been featured in People Magazine, BuzzFeed, Yahoo!, Werd, GadgetFlow, and many more.

    • Thousands of real reviews - "I had so much doubt when I looked at this. I feared buying a tool that couldn’t help me but oh man I was wrong. This thing saved my phone!”
    *This version of PurePort is ONLY recommended for USB-C devices & cables (like the new iPhone 15). If you want to clean an iPhone or iPad with a Lightning connector (like the iPhone 14 or older) get the PurePort Lightning we made for you!
    Designed and engineered to be the best

    PurePort created the category for multi-tools that clean tech devices. Our Lightning tool was designed and purpose-built to keep your mobile devices working at their best.


    Often imitated, but never duplicated, PurePort has
    multiple US patents pending on our cleaning tools.


    USA Today named PurePort a top innovative product of 2022. People Magazine, Yahoo!Sports, BuzzFeed, GadgetFlow, and many others have endorsed our patented and innovative multi-tool; we know you will too


    We don’t pay people to purchase our products or to say nice things about us. Integrity. That’s who we are.

    Works with ANY USB-C DEVICE:
    • Smartphones: Like the new iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy S23, and Google Pixel 8, among others.
    • Laptops: Newer models from brands like Apple (MacBooks), Dell, HP, Lenovo, and ASUS now come with USB-C ports.
    • Tablets: The iPad Pro and various Android tablets use USB-C.
    • Gaming Consoles: The latest gaming consoles like the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.
    • Wireless Earbuds: Including models from Apple, Samsung, Bose and Sony.
    • Charging Accessories: Like fast chargers, and power banks.
    • External Hard Drives/SSDs, monitors, car chargers, drones, printers and many more!

    USB-C ports have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and compatibility.

    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty
    PurePort USB-C & AirSquares Cleaning Putty

    The PurePort Promise

    • Built To Last

      We are not just PurePort, we are also parents. We our money to stretch and our things to last! PurePort is designed to go the distance with you.

    • As Easy as 1-2-3

      Does it look like a lot of tools? Don't worry, we created an easy to follow step-by-step instruction guide (with pictures!) that comes with your PurePort so you wil know exactly what to do when it arrives.

    • Help Your Devices Live Longer

      Keep those devices and cables out of the landfill by making sure they can work again first - with PurePort. Get PurePort. The small tool that does big things.

    • US Patent-Pending

      We made the original multi-tool for mobile devices. We worked with engineers - and a lot of microscopes! - to design this multi-tool to be well-made, effective and most of all, safe for your device's ports and cables.

    PurePort USB-C in Action



    Can You Pass The Lint Test?

    Keep your devices charging with PurePort.

    Safe & Easy

    Solve Intermittent Connection Issues

    Ultra-Lightweight & Compact

    Take it with you anywhere.


    What are the benefits of regularly cleaning and maintaining your tech devices?

    Dust, debris, and other contaminants can clog up charging ports and interfere with your device's functionality. Cleaning your tech devices can help restore proper connections and improve performance.

    Regular maintenance and cleaning can help prevent the need for expensive repairs or replacements, saving you money in the long run.

    Why shouldn't you just clean the port with a paperclip?

    We certainly recommend you avoid any sharp metal tool (paperclips, pins) going in to your port - these can permanently damage the internal pins, requiring an expensive replacement of the entire port.

    What about usinga toothpick, toothbrush or compressed air?

    We've experimented with every home remedy extensively (before we bothered to design PurePort).

    Although a toothpick or toothbrush could remove bigger clumps of lint, it doesn't get smaller debris fragments, can't reach the cavity behind the retainer springs easily, and doesn't wipe/clean the connector pins themselves - both inside your device, and on the tips/connectors of all your cables.

    Will this work for iOS devices that use a Lightning charging port?

    This version of PurePort is ONLY recommended for USB-C devices and cables. If you want to clean an iPhone or a device that uses a Lightning charging port, get the PurePort Lightning version we made for you.

    What does the PurePort Cleaning Solution do and why do you need it?

    The solution removes oxidation off of cable connectors and off the metal inside the device port.

    Oxidation are the black streaks that show up on old or exposed cable ends. Removing this oxidation helps the cables and the devices charge more clearly and consistently.

    Have an iOS device? Check out our PurePort for Lightning ports & cables!