Mashable Recommends AirSquares Cleaning Putty To Clean Your iPhone Speakers

In a post titled "How to clean your iPhone speakers", Mashable specifically recommends AirSquares earbud cleaning putty.

"No matter how fastidious you think you are with your smartphone cleanliness routine, over time your iPhone's speakers will slowly get filled up with dust, dirt, and other disgusting debris."

We agree.

They point out that sharp objects, liquid or rubbing alcohol, and even compressed air can cause problems. You don't want to push the dirt or debris farther in or damage your device with a sharp object or liquid. 

That's why they recommend AirSquares because "you want the putty to be as sticky as possible so you don't push the dirt further in but remove it as you pull the putty away"

We love it when our products like AirSquares Cleaning Putty are found and mentioned. All products featured at Mashable are independently selected by their editors and writers. Thanks, Mashable!

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