PurePort Named Best iPhone Cleaning Tool By Popular Mechanics

PurePort Lightning - our original PurePort - was named the best iPhone cleaning tool by Popular Mechanics in this article.

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"Make the most of your smartphone with these editor-approved picks," they said. 

"It’s no secret that our phones collect a ton of bacteria, dirt, and dust—especially in hard-to-clean spots like charging and headphone ports.

If you want to keep your iPhone looking brand new and potentially increase its lifespan, this multi-tool cleaner is a go-to. It has attachments that perfectly fit into each port of the iPhone to ensure it's cleaned properly. It even allows for cleaning of your AirPods and Lightning cables, making it as functional as it is versatile."

PurePort Multi-Tool iPhone Cleaning Kit was listed with other tech accessories including Apple AirPods Pro, One Beat PowerStrip, Apple AirTag, and Jemache Water Resistant Arm Band Case.


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